What is x times zero?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is x times zero?
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What is 0 times X?


How do you write 0 times x?

0 times x is written as 0x. This is always equal to zero because anything times zero is always zero.

How do you solve this 6 x 0 x 5?

Anything times zero is zero.

What is xsquared?

x times x x multiplied by itself

What is 0 x 91 784?

Zero. Zero times anything equals zero.

0 x 2 or zero times two?

zero again.

0 x 0 or zero times zero?

zero. This is because if there is at least one zero, then it makes the sum, or answer, zero.

What is the multiplication of zero and zero?

Zero times anything equals zero, therefore 0 x 0 = 0.

What is the answer when you multiply 0 times x?

Any multiplication by zero gives an answer of zero.

Why didn't divide by zero why what a reason?

For example, x = 1 / 0 is the same as solving x times 0 = 1. Since this is not true for any value of "x" (any number times zero is zero), the division is undefined.

0 x 1 or zero times one?

zero, because there is indeed one zero in that problem.

How do you define and identify Zero property of multiplication?

Any number times zero is zero. a x 0 = 0