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your average speed is 50 kilometers per

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Q: What is your average speed if you can travel 100 kilometers in 2 hours?
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You travel a distance of 500 kilometers in 10 hours what is your average speed in kilometers per hour?

Average speed in kilometers per hour is 500/10 or 50.

How can a bike travel 6 kilometers in 3 hours what is the average speed?

Average speed is 6km/3hr = 2km/hr = 2KPH.

A bus travel 240 kilometers in 2 hours what is its average speed in kilometers per minute?

The bus' average speed is two (2) km per minute.

What must be your average speed in order to travel 330 kilometer in 4.25 hours?

330 kilometers / 4.25 hours = 77.65 kilometers per hour

If hawk flies 120 kilometers in 2 hours at this average speed about how far can the hawk travel in 7 hours?


If you walk for 1.5 hours and travel 7.5 kilometers what is your average speed?

Average speed=distance/time=7.5 km/1.5hr=5km/hr

What would be the average speed needed to travel 2900 miles in 29 hours?

160.9344 kilometers per hour

You travel 60 kilometers in 1.5 hours What is your average speed?

Speed = Distance/Time = 60km/1.5h = 40 km per hour

How far will Danny travel in 4 hours at a speed of 99 kilometers per hour?

If Danny travels 99 Kilometers in one hour then travelling at the same speed he will travel 99 x 4 kilometers in 4 hours, which is 396 kilometers.

How far did a train travel if the average speed was 80 kilometers per hour and the journey took 2 hours 30 minutes?


How long it will take to travel 1.500.000 kilometers at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour?

15,000 hours

If a byclist travels 30 kilometers in two hours the average speed is?

30 kilometers in two hours or 15 kilometers per hour.