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-- Your score is 57 percent.

-- Your grade depends on whatever the teacher decides is the grade for 57 percent.

-- Personally, I can't imagine a teacher awarding a passing grade for a score of 57 percent.

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Q: What is your grade if you get 20 math questions correct out of 35 math questions?
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What is the letter grade equivalent for 17 out of 20 Questions correct.?

85% or B

4 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

What if you miss four Questions out of 20 what is my grade

If you get 20 questions wrong out of 50 what is my grade?

If you get 20 wrong out of 50 questions what is your grade?

If i missed 8 questions out of 20 what will my grade be?

As a percentage it is 60% providing that all answered were correct

How can you find the grade average from 20 wrong out of 75 questions?

If you got 20 problems wrong on a 75 question test your grade would be 73% or a C. You can find that by subtracting the amount of questions you got wrong from the amount you got right, 55 in this case. Divide the amount of correct questions by the amount of questions on the test to get .733333. That is the grade.

What grade is 20 out of 25?

80% B

Fifth grade difficult questions?

yes fifth grade is more difficult. all you have to do to pass is to study hard and don't be afraid to ask questions. i asked questions and no one seemed to care and i was one of the 7 out of 20 who passed our math test. if you aren't talking about math it still works with anything. the most important thing DON'T FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS it gets you nowhere but a failing grade.

What grade is 7 questions wrong out of 20?


What grade would a 16 out of 20 be?

It would be 80. You missed 20% of the 20 questions: you missed 4 questions.

If 16 out of 20 is correct what percent is that?

16 correct out of 20 questions is 80%

What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of a 20 question 5 grade math quiz?

* You would get a 70%, because 20-6=14 and 14/20=.7 *100=70 percent Kaner

Math 20 more then 61 is 81?


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