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If Your test grade avearge is 57 and your assignment grade is 75 and the test grade counts for 75% and asignment 25%, then your grade is

.75 (57) + .25(75) = 61.5

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Q: What is your grade test are 75 percent of average and Assignments are 25 percent your test grade average is a 57 and your assignment grade is a 75?
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If my science average was a 69 and i got a 97 on a quiz and get 100s on 10 homework assignments what will my grade be?

It depends how many points each assignment is worth

How do you figure out what percent you are getting in class after one assignment?

If there was only one assignment, your grade in the class is the grade received on that assignment.

How does one grade assignments?

Grading an assignment depends on what kind of assignment it is. If it is a written piece of work, one might grade for spelling and grammar, in addition to content. If it's a mathematical assignment, one might check that the work to reach the correct answer was done, in addition to the answer.

I have a 96 as my grade I have a assignment that is worth 10 percent of my grade and I did a 0 on it now what is my grade?

I am sorry i con not find the answer.

What is the grade average of 89 percent and 93 percent?

Grade average of 89 percent and 93 percent averages 91% or an A-.

Do you have to do the assignments for BYU online health course? is worth 10 percent of your grade

How can you find assignments which have not yet been graded in BigGyan Cloud eLearning?

On the Assignment submissions page, sort the assignments by Last modified (Teacher) by clicking on the column title. Assignments which have been graded have Update in the status column, whereas those that haven't been graded have Grade in the status column.

86 percent average in class what equation do i need to work to see what I need to make on my next assignment to get it up to a 98?

This is tough. It depends on how many assignments went into the 86 average you have now,and whether or not the next assignment will have the same weight as all the earlier ones.We have to assume (because we don't know anything different) that all of the assignments ...past ones and the next one ... are all worth the same weight.Use 'N' = the number of past assignments that made up the current 86 averageUse 'P' = the grade you need on the next assignment to raise the average to 98.The magic equation is going to be: (86N + P) / (N+1) = 98Multiply both sides by (N+1)86N + P = 98 (N+1)86N + P = 98N + 98Subtract 86N from each side:P = 12N + 98'N' is the number of past assignments, so it can't be less than 1.If it's only 1 thenP = 12 + 98P = 110.Bad news. Even if there was only one previous assignment, and you got 86% on that one,you'd need 110% on the next one to make an average of 98%.

I take drama 2 so if you had a 80 and missed an assignment worth 500 points what would your grade be?

depends on how the teacher grades.. total points? or are there different categories that contribute different amounts to the grade? your grade will drop significantly if you have not had many other assignments

You have a 96 in the class and you got a 50 on your major assignment which is 60 percent of your grade What is your new score?

40% of the grade of 96 and 60% of the grade of 50 gives (.4x96+.6x50) = grade of 68

Are teachers allowed to make an assignment worth 67 percent of your grade?

Yes. It's not necessary good practice, of course.

How does assignment writing service work?

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