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This is tough. It depends on how many assignments went into the 86 average you have now,
and whether or not the next assignment will have the same weight as all the earlier ones.

We have to assume (because we don't know anything different) that all of the assignments ...
past ones and the next one ... are all worth the same weight.

Use 'N' = the number of past assignments that made up the current 86 average

Use 'P' = the grade you need on the next assignment to raise the average to 98.

The magic equation is going to be: (86N + P) / (N+1) = 98

Multiply both sides by (N+1)

86N + P = 98 (N+1)

86N + P = 98N + 98

Subtract 86N from each side:

P = 12N + 98

'N' is the number of past assignments, so it can't be less than 1.
If it's only 1 then

P = 12 + 98

P = 110.

Bad news. Even if there was only one previous assignment, and you got 86% on that one,
you'd need 110% on the next one to make an average of 98%.

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Q: 86 percent average in class what equation do i need to work to see what I need to make on my next assignment to get it up to a 98?
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