What is zero minus a positive number?

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a negative number

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Q: What is zero minus a positive number?
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What is a negative number minus a negative number?

The result can be positive, negative, or zero.

When is a temperature referred to as minus zero?

The term "minus zero" is mathematically pointless, since zero is neither positive nor negative, being the exact point at which positive numbers meet negative numbers on the number line. Zero is just zero.

What is an positive 1 minus an positive 1?

Is zero a positive or negative number?

Neither. It represents "nothing" Zero is neither a positive or negative number. It is just plain zero. So you don't have to stress on remembering if it's a plus or minus! :0) neither 0 is neither negative nor positive. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

Can a subtraction expression with a positive integer and a negative integer have a difference of zero?

No, not counting zero,the difference is always positive since minus a minus is plus

What is the absolute value of x minus the absolute value of x?

zero. The absolute value of a number is just the positive version of that number, so the absolute value of x is x, and x minus x is zero.

A negative number plus a positive number equals zero what?

minus 7 +7 =0 -7+7=0

Why does a positive minus a positive equal a positive?

It is NOT necessarily a positive. It will be positive only if it is a larger number minus a smaller number.

What is absolute value minus absolute value?

Zero. The absolute value |n| is positive for any real number. Subtracting it from itself is zero.

What is a positive minus a negative number?

"Minus a negative number" is the same as "plus a positive number" so you have a positive plus a positive number - making a bigger positive number.

Does a positive number minus a negative number equal a positive number or a negative number?

Positive. A negative number added to a positive would reduce the original to a smaller positive, to zero, or to a negative depending on their relative values but subtracting a negative number from a positive number will always increase the value of the positive.

Name some properties of zero?

A number plus zero equals the original number. A number minus zero equals the original number. A number multiplied by zero equals zero. A number cannot be divided by zero. Zero is the only number that is neither positive nor negative. Zero represents the boundary between positive and negative numbers. Zero is the natural starting point on many scales, such as on thermometers. Zero is the common point of coordinate axes.

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