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0 minus -1 is 1

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Q: What is zero minus minus one?
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What is one minus zero point zero zero one?

1 - 0.001 = 0.999

What is five one six minus one six equals?

five one six minus one six equals five zero zero

What is one and a half minus one and a half?

One and a half minus one and a half is zero.

What is zero minus zero Does it equal orange?

Zero minus zero equals zero.

What is two minus zero minus zero plus zero?

It Equals 2

What would zero minus one be?

Negative one, of course.

What is two eighths minus one fourth?


What is one quarter minus five twentieths?


Can it be minus zero degrees?

No. Zero is neither plus nor minus.

What is one half minus zero?

1/2 or one half

What is pi minus pi?

pi minus pi is zero. Any number minus itself is zero.

What is the answer to minus 7 minus minus 7?


What is one plus one minus two?

One plus negative one is zero.

Why is nine minus one zero?

9 - 1 = 8...

What is negative two over three minus one?


What is the ionic charge of the halogens?

Either zero or minus one.

What is the absolute value of minus zero?

It is zero.It is zero.It is zero.It is zero.

What is zero minus one and two thirds?

negative one and two thirds.

What is zero minus infinity?

minus infinity

What is Cos Theta minus Cos Theta?

Zero. Anything minus itself is zero.

How many pages does Zero Minus Ten have?

Zero Minus Ten has 259 pages.

What does minus five to the zero power equal?

By definition, any number raised to the zero power is "one".

What is X squared plus 6x minus 55?

Without knowing what "x" is, we cannot say what the answer will be. And without knowing the answer, we cannot solve for "x". Set x at zero, for example. Zero squared is zero, plus 6 time zero which is zero, minus 55. Your answer is then -55. Set x at one, for example. One squared is one, plus 6 times 1 which is six, minus 55. Your answer is then -48. Etc.

What will happen if you add a pair of opposites together?

adding one to minus one = zero.

When was Zero Minus Ten created?

Zero Minus Ten was created on 1997-04-03.