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The answer will depend on what temperature scale these are in.

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Q: What items have these temperature 85 degrees 2 degrees and 28 degrees?
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What is the temperature like in the Sahara in January?

85-95 degrees 85-95 degrees

What temperature do forest habitats have?

i think it is about 85 degrees

The temperature on a summer afternoon 83 degrees Fahrenheit define a variable and write an expression to find the temperature after it changes then evaluate your expression for 15 degrees less?

85+c 85+(-11)=85

How many degrees cooler is a temperature of 85 Fahrenheit than a temperature of 110 Fahrenheit?

25 degrees cooler.

What is the temperature of mali?

In the winter it is 85 degrees fahrenheit and in the summer it is 125 degrees fahrenheit.

What is Tennessee's average temperature in July?

85 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the average temperature in Elmenia-egypt?

It's 85 degrees

What is the average temperature during the Summer?

85-90 degrees

What is located at 28 degrees latitude north and 85 degrees longitude east?

That point is in Nepal, about 28 miles northwest of Kathmandu.

What is the average temperature in Congo during Summer?

85-90 degrees

What is the average temperature of the monteverade rainforest?

about 85 to90 degrees Fahrenheit

What is a wide range of temperature for fish?

70-85 degrees F