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Q: What joint in the body can rotate up to 360 degrees?
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What is the only joint in your body that rotate 360 degrees?


Which joint in the body swivels 360 degrees?


What is the only joint of the body with 360 degrees rotation?


Can pigeon rotate its head?

No a pigeon can not rotate its head 360 Degrees

How many degrees does the hour hand of a clock rotate?


What does it take the earth one day to do?

Rotate 360 degrees

What degrees can you rotate a shape at?

A shape can usually be rotated through a full circle of 360 degrees.

What do you do when your usb stick won't work on your XBox 360?

I rotate it 180 degrees.

Which transformations will result in an image that maps onto itself?

Rotate 360 degrees

How do you rotate figure 360 degrees using matrix?

Multiply it by the identity matrix.

How long does it takes for earth to rotate 15 degrees?

360 degrees in 24 hours means 15 degrees per hour.

Can prokaryotic flagella can rotate 360 degrees?

Yes, one of the very few examples in nature of a 360 rotational mechanism.