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There is no such fraction since there is not a linear relationship between the two variables.

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Q: What kind fraction to solve the weight to the height?
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What is slant height of triangle if height is 1200 and the slant height angle is 60 degree given?

I could solve this if I knew what kind of triangle this was. Equilateral, Right: 30, 60, 90?

What is the relation between weight and height and body mass index?

Bmi is equal to (weight (lbs) * 703) / (height (inches) squared) sorry. it was kind of hard to type with the limited symbols on a computer.

What kind of road bike should I get?

One suited to your height, weight, intended usage and your wallet.

The formula Weight x Height is used to calculate what kind of energy?

Relative gravitational potential energy.

How long will it take to burn 237 calories?

It depends on what kind of exercise you do, how long you do it, and your height, weight, age, etc.

What kind of fly is this It is about 1cm in height and about 3 grams in weight and it is black?

you sick weirdo, why would you ask that? go die.

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When the numerator is smaller then the denominator it is what kind of fraction?

A proper fraction

What kind of fraction is 7 over 7?

An improper fraction?

Do you measure the length of a snowboard with your boots on or off?

doesn't matter, the length you need is independent of your height, it is mostly down to your weight and what kind of riding you do.

What kind of fraction is one hundredth?

1/100 is a proper fraction.

What kind of faction has a fraction in the numerator denominator or both?

It is a complex fraction.

What is the average weight for a boy that is sixteen?

Your height and other factors such as your body build(muscle mass) contribute to the ideal weight for your age. Most are about 155 pounds, though it will change drastically according to what kind of activities you do, such as weight lifting, sports, etc.

What kind of fraction wherein the numerator is less than the denominator?

This would be a normal fraction.

Can science solve problem?

Depends on what kind..

What is the answer to a fraction called?

A fraction is a kind of number: it cannot have an answer. You want an answer to some process that is applied to the fraction but we have no hope of guessing what process that might be.

What kind of treatments are their for height blood pressure?

There is no such thing as "height blood pressure".

Are you fat if you way 6 and a half stone at the age of 10?

It depends on your height. But i would say your kind of average weight if you're a boy and kinda between "normal" and "fat" if you're a girl. But again, it depends on your height and your gender and you're muscular or not.

What kind of answer do you get when you multiply a fraction by its denominator?

The answer is the numerator.

What kind of sentence is how can I possibly solve the problem?


What kind of exercise should you do to grow in height?

There is no exercise that will reliably cause you to grow in height.

What does the word application mean in math?

application mean kind of theorem that we use to solve a problem, we will apply a different kind of theorem to solve one problem. it called as a application.

What kind of number will you get if you multiply the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by the same number?

You will get an equivalent fraction. However, if the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by zero, the result is not defined.

Where can the numerator be found in a fraction?

The numerator is the top line , it tells you how many of the fraction you have (enumerates it, if you like). The bottom is the denominator, it tells you what kind of fraction it is (what denomination it is).

How tall will you be if you are 13 years old and your height is 5'8 and your dad's height is 6'2 and your mom's height is 5'3?

It sort of depends on your weight. You will probably be about 5'10. when big show was 13 he was 5'9 and his dd was 5'11 and his mum was 5'3 and he was kind of fat and look where he turned out 7'0 and so i tink u will be 6'8

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