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Normally you don't take algebra in 7th grade, but if you place into it you will learn things like slope, simplifying algebraic equations and so on. It is not the easiest thing to do as a seventh grades, as I would know, but it isn't REALLY hard. You just need to pay attention to your teacher.

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Q: What kind of algebra do you learn in seventh grade?
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What kind of stuff will I learn in seventh grade?

Very broad science, I did chemistry for the first time and a lot of microbiology (which I still do today) More in depth algebra and likely a brief introduction to graphing lines, possibly parabolas.

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What kind of stuff do you learn in ninth grade?

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Because 0 over 1 would be the reciprical, and you can't multiply to get the opposite of 0. O doesn't have an opposite. Duh!!!! I am in 8th grade algebra and even I knew that. ;)^there was no need for that at the end, because I'm in a low set for English and even i know how to spell reciprocal ;)oh mah god im in algebra and im in 7th grade pown :PYeah, that was kind of mean since this person could be in 7th grade algebra and have absolutely no idea. Especially because u don't know how to spell reciprocal. Gosh people! >:(I'm in the 7th grade doing 9th grade algebra, college grammar, writing, and science, and 12th grade history, And I didn't know this. Don't bash people for what they don't know. D0:

my 9th grader needs help with math-algebra canwe get help ?

send me his assisgnments and i will help in math/algebra etc.carlotta, certified teacher k-12 grades,p.e. taught 2nd grade math high school algebra/math.$15.00hr. yes i can help that kind of situation.If you want i can help her through tutor.For more information you can call at this number 0897654577. Laser Mathematics Learning Center provides tutoring services for all levels of Algebra: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and College Algebra on-line.

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