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Star topologies.

Sometimes combined topologies are used of which i have no idea!! :P

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Q: What kind of network do schools use?
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When you download a file from a network you should use what kind of network?

secure network

What kind of network interface do most network printers use?


What kind of a network does a bank use?

1star topology

what kind of protection to use on the network?

computing resources

How many kind of network and what are they?

kind of network

Why is facebook not allowed at high schools?

Because it's a streaming website and when a lot of people use it on the same network, no one else can do anything on that network.

What kind of cable do you use to connect a computer to a network?

Console Cable

What kind of computer is not allowed to use the network is put on a dedicated network or is only allowed access to certain network resources?

Quarantined computer

What kind of television programs is the Lifetime network channel mainly dedicated to?

Lifetime network channel is mainly dedicated to people in education. It is used in schools, colleges and establishments such as prisons, hospitals and surgeries.

How a school network with religious group?

Schools can network with religious groups in a variety of ways. Some schools, for example, have a chaplain who is attached to the institution.

What kind of cad cam do schools use?

at the PSDC Penang,we actually use a cad/cam version x

Is it true that the OSI model tells us what kind of wire or what kind of connector to use to connect the pieces of a network?

Yes, it is true that the OSI model tells us what kind of wire and connector to use to connect the piece to a network. It is said to have a communication function to decrease errors.

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