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A rhombus

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Q: What kind of polygon has 4 sides that are equal but unequal anglesAsk us anything?
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Does a regular polygon have equal angles and unequal sides?

A regular polygon has equal angles AND sides.

What is a polygon with 4 unequal sides called?

A polygon whose sides are not equal is known as an irregular polygon. A regular polygon has equal sides and angles.

What type of polygon has equal angles but unequal sides?

quadrate rectangle

A polygon with 4 equal sides and unequal angles?

A rhombus has four equal sides but not necessarily equal angles. but tht is all i got

What is a polygon with 12 unequal sides called?

It is a dodecagon. While it is irregular, so is a dodecagon with equal sides but unequal angles, so "irregular" is not enough.

What is the prefix for the word equal?

The prefix for the word 'equal' is-: 'un'- which makes 'UNEQUAL'

Is there a polygon with unequal sides and vertices?

The question is somewhat ambiguous.If you mean a polygon in which the number of sides is not equal to the number of vertices, the answer is NO, there cannot be such a polygon.If, however, the question is whether there is a polygon in which not all the sides are equal and not all the angles are equal, then the answer is YES, the vast majority of polygons are of this type.

What does regular and irregular mean?

A regular polygon (a closed plane figure of straight lines) has all equal angles and all equal side lengths. For example, a square is a regular quadrilateral, because it's four edges are all the same length, and it's angles are all equal (90 degrees). A regular triangle is an equilateral triangle.An irregular polygon does not have equal sides and angles. N.B to be regular, a polygon must have both equal sides and equal angles. If a polygon has equal sides but unequal angles it is not a regular polygon.

What is a irregular Decagon?

A polygon that has 10 sides that are not all equal* * * * *Got the right idea but wrong in the detail. It is a polygon with ten sides in whicheither at least two sides are unequal, orto angles are unequal.Thus a polygon with ten equal sides, and 9 equal angles but the tenth angle being different, would be irregular.

Is a hexagon a regular or irregular shape?

It can be regular or irregular. A hexagon is simply defined as a six-sided polygon, regardless of whether its sides and angles are equal or unequal.

What is a synonym for unequal?

No equal

What is the opposite of equal?


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