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Q: What kind of slope gives you lines that are close together?
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How do you contour lines show a steep slope?

How close together the brown contour lines are Yes, the closer the contours the steeper the slope. Flat land, by definition, has no contour lines.

How can you tell where the slope is steep just by looking at contour lines?

Where the slope is steep the contour lines will come close together.

What represents a steep slope on a map?

Steep slope is indicated by topo lines close together.

What On a topographic map contour lines that are close together indicate a .?

Contour lines that are close together on a topographic map indicate an area of steep slope. If they essentially overlap you have a cliff.

Two contour lines that are close together show a steep slope?


A topographic map indicates that a mountain's slope is very steep by using?

contour lines that are very close together

What is a slope geography?

a steep slope in geography is if you see one on a map then it would be lines that are close together,

Would a steep slope on a topographical map have lines close together or far apart?

they have to be close together if they are far apart it means it is a flat area

What kind of slope give you lines that are close together and what kind gives lines that are far apart?

If the "contour interval" ... the elevation difference between lines ... is the same everywhere on the map, then the lines will be closer rogether on steep ground, and farther apart on flatter ground.

If Contour lines are close together the land has a gentle slope?

The closer the contours, the steeper the slope.

What On topographic maps contour lines that are close together indicates?

The steeper the slope, the contour lines go further along the area. You can also determine the flatness of the area with these lines.

On a topographic map how do you show a steep cliff?

if someone were to make a topographic map they would mostlikly have a bunch a contour lines realy close together because the closer they are together the more steep it i guess they would make close contour lines then make a drop off