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It is an equilateral triangle that has 3 lines of symmetry

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Q: What kind of triangle has most lines of symertry?
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Does a triangle have 3 lines of symertry?

Most triangles don't have any lines of symmetry. An isosceles triangle has one. An equilateral triangle has three.

Is it possible for a triangle to have four lines of symmetry?

No it's not possible. The triangle with the most lines of symmetry is Isosceles triangle and that has 3 lines of symmetry. Unless you draw on the back, but that isn't correct.

Can a right triangle have three lines of symmetry?

No. The most it can have is one if it is isosceles.

How many right angles does a triangle have?

Well it depends on what kind of triangle it is.

Does an equiangular triangle have to be an equilateral triangle?

It depends on what kind but most likely, tha answer is yes.

How many possible lines of symmetry does a scalene right triangle have at most?


What kind of triangle is a triangle which contains one obtuse angle?

any triangle can contain at most 1 obtuse angle. it is called an obtuse triangle.

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