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Q: What kinematic concept distance velocity acceleration etc of the moving object does the slope of the graph represent?
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What quantity does the slope of a velocity-distance graph represent?

The acceleration.

How do you calculate acceleration from distance and time?

Acceleration= Distance/time (distance divided by time) That's the dumbest answer I've ever heard.. Acceleration = Final Velocity - Initial Velocity/Time Velocity = Displacement/Time So you can't calculate acceleration from distance and time, you can only do velocity.

Why the second is squared in acceleration?

it is very simple........... velocity or speed = distance / time. acceleration = velocity / time but, we know that velocity = distance / time so just substitute the equation of velocity in acceleration...... so, finally we get , acceleration = distance/time*time so it is time squared.

How are acceleration and speed alike?

They are not alike but they are related. A positive acceleration means an increase in velocity (speed). A negative acceleration means a decrease in velocity. Velocity (speed) has the dimensions of distance / time. Acceleration has the dimensions of distance/time2 or velocity/time.

How is average velocity different from acceleration?

For a start, acceleration doesn't even have the same units as velocity: acceleration is a velocity divided by time, so while speed or velocity have units of [distance]/[time], acceleration has units of [distance]/[time squared]

What are some differences and similarities between acceleration and velocity?

Velocity is distance over time, Acceleration is velocity with a direction.

What does a straight line represent on a velocity time graph?

constant velocity, it has no acceleration

Are velocity and acceleration both rates of change?

yes, velocity is a change in distance with time, and acceleration is a change in velocity with time.

On what two factors does acceleration?

It is velocity and distance. ----

How do you calculate acceleration from velocity?

There are 3 formula 1. Final velocity = starting velocity + (acceleration)(time) 2. Final velocity^2 = starting velocity^2 + 2(acceleration)(distance) 3. Distance = (starting velocity)(time) + 1/2(acceleration)(time^2) Use whichever you can use.

A rolling ball has an initial velocity of 5 meters per second 30 seconds later its velocity is 2 meters per second What is the acceleration of the ball?

The acceleration of the ball can be easily found using the kinematic equation if = vi + at. Where vi = initial velocity, if = final velocity, a = acceleration, and t = seconds. The acceleration is -0.1 m/s^2.

What is the difference between Velocity and Acceleration of an object?

Velocity is the rate of change of distance with time, acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time.

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