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Q: What lines the ventriceles in the brain?
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How many lines are there in the brain?


Why do you have lines on our hands?

When you hold your palm you will notice the wrinkles, or lines as you call them. Without your lines you are not able to hold things. But there are also very small, minor lines which are thought to be the result of brain action. There is some theory saying that you nervous system is reflected on your hand by palm lines. It's all about nerves which come from our brain. Some people believe that these lines are reflection of our mind, character form our brain.

What lines Cavity of brain and spinal cord?

Ependymal cells

What increases the surface area of the brain?

The convolutions in the brain increase surface area. In simpler words, those lines and ridges in the brain are what increases the surface area.

What lines the central cavities of the brain?

Ependymal cells

Can high blood pressure cause the head to shake?

Brain blood lines burst

What happens when someone flat lines?

This means the person has no heartbeat and no brain activity. The person is dead.

Which part of the brain would you use to learn someone's name or to remember your lines in a play?

Its name is "HIPPOCAMPUS".

Can you use brain tumor cell cultures from tissues instead of cell lines?

No. They will contain abnormal cells and cancer if implanted.

What is the sensitive innermost layer that lines the posterior segment of the eye is known as the This structure receives nerve impulses and transmits them to the brain?


What organ in the fish is closely related in the function of a human ear?

lateral lines, they pike up vibrations

Cranial bones form a firm case enclosing the brain These bones join along zigzag lines known as?

The ziz-zag lines are known as sutures and form fixed, immoveable joints over the skull.