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Engineering(except software and electrical)






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Q: What majors are good for people who are good at and love algebra?
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What university majors are suitable for people who love and are good at math?

any of the Engineering majors (Electronics E., Mechanical E., Computer E., etc.)

What majors are good for people who love math and economics?

There are several, two of them already listed in your question, engineering, definitely not programming, and more.

When is algebra used in decimals?

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Are calculus 1 and calculus 2 hard if you are good at and love algebra?

It wasn't for me but I was a good math student in high school and had taken Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry as well as Trigonometry (a year of Solid and a year of Trig) as a Senior. I still do Algebra problems for fun like people do crossword puzzles and I am in healthcare administration

How do you solve for algebra?

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What university majors are suitable for people who love math?

Economics, Acconting, Statistics, Operation Research, Information Systems, Data Science

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What university majors are a good idea for people who love math?

You might enjoy any of the engineering careers - that would be anything that has "engineering" in its name, as well as computer-related studies, architecture, and economics. And probably a few more.

Do you capitalize algebra in a sentence?

Only if it is the name of a class or the first word in the sentence. For instance, you could write, "I love algebra but my Algebra II teacher is very strict." and "Algebra is my second class of the day."

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