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Q: What makes the coil overshoot the vertical?
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How do I know the direction of the torque acting on coil whether its vertical or horizontal?

To know the direction of the torque acting on the coil, whether the coil is vertical or horizontal, you will compare the direction of the magnetic force or its rotation to the direction of the coil. If the coil is vertical and the magnetic force is in the direction of the coil rotation, then the direction of the torque will be the same.

Why is there an overshoot in action potential?

what is overshoot in anatomy

Can the scale blaster wiring be installed vertical?

Looking at the instruction sheet of the unit, I would say that the vertical / horizontal position makes no difference in its operation. It looks like wire is wrapped around the pipe to form a DC coil and it is the flux from this coil is what penetrates the pipe. So again the coil does not know what position it is in, so should work in any position.

Can a electrical motor current be increased?

When the coil is parallel to magnetic field, torque is maximum. When the coil is in vertical position, the torque is minimum. You can't go beyond that.

What causes a coil to malfunction?

coil makes enough juice ( Amp) to spark the spark plugs. A faulty spark plug stops the coil to empty all the juices it has made and this makes the coil itself goes bad.

What are the problems of open loop?

overshoot and stability

What makes a line a vertical line?

a vertical line is a line which is made from top to bottom or bottom to top.

What is the past tense of overshoot?

The past tense is overshot.

What makes 1 cylinder not fire on a 95 Johnson 115 outboard?

Coil or powerpak. Test coil first.

Explain Why it is important that the current in the coil of a motor changes direction every time the coil makes a half revulotion?

due to commutation the current in the coil reverses

Can a silver coil make a magnetic field?

It is the flow of ELECTRICITY that makes the field in a coil. Therefore a coil of any conductor will make a field. Silver is a conductor.

What helps limit the amount of system overshoot?

A cold anticipator