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A quarter(25 cents), and 2 pennies(2 cents)


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27 cents

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Q: What makes three coins equal to twente seven cents?
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what 8 coins makes 63 cents?


Where does the US make coins?

There are currently 4 active mints: Philadelphia: "P" mint mark except on cents; makes circulating coins Denver: "D"; makes circulating coins San Francisco: "S"; makes proof coins West Point: "W"; makes commemorative and bullion coins, occasionally strikes cents but without a mint mark.

What are 3 coins that make 10?

A dime and two (worthless) token coins makes ten cents!

What has 4 coins and makes 55 cents?

One quarter, three dimes

Has 2 coins and it makes 30 cents and one isn't a nickel...what are the coins?

One is a quarter, the other is a nickel.

What makes 200 cents using 6 coins?

2 half dollars and 4 quarters=200 cents/$2.

What 18 coins makes 25 cents?

Yes. 11 * 1 cent and 7 * 2 cents does the trick for Eurocents.

What two coins make thirty cents if one of them is not a nickel?

A quarter and a nickel. That makes thirty cents, and one of them is not a nickel (the quarter).

How many quarters makes 25 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents so 25 nickels is 25*5 = 125 cents. A quarter is 25 cents so 125 cents = 125/25 = 5 coins.

What coins does the US mint make?

The US has four mints that make coins. The US mints make coins in the denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, and 1 dollar for general US circulation. Half dollars and dollar coins are not often used but they are legal tender and can be used in circulation. The US mint also makes bullion coins made of silver and gold. On top of that they make special coins that commemorate anniversaries of special events. These are just some of the coins that the US mints make.

What do you call the currency of Australia?

Australia's currency (AUD) is dollars $ and cents - 100 cents makes 1 dollar - $1 We have $5, $10,$20, $50 and $100 dollar notes and the cents are coins.

What to coins makes 55 cents but one is not a nickel?

A half dollar and a nickel. One of them isn't a nickel, the other one is.

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