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Q: What material has a greater density lead or feathers?
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Which material has greater density lead or feathers?


376 grams equal how many milliliters?

That depends on the material or the density. Lead shot, or feathers?

Which has greater volume lead or feathers?

the same

Which is denser lead or feathers?

Wter has a higher density.

Which has a greater weight a kilogram of butter or a kilogram of lead which has greater density?

They both weight a kilogram. Lead has a higher density.

Which has a greater density .33 cubic meter of snow or .67 cubic meter of air or .625 cubic meter of a book or .375 cubic meter of feathers packed tightly or .125 cubic meter of lead?

The lead is more dense. Just so you know the volumes listed before each material are irrelevant - each one theoretically has a constant density no matter how much of it there is.

Is the mass of one pound of lead greater than less than or equal to the mass of one pound of feathers?

The mass of feathers is far greater than the lead. amount = mass So you will have a huge pile of feathers compared to a small chunk of lead to equal a pound

Which has greater weight a kilogram of butter of kilogram of lead what is greater density which has greater volume?

They both weigh the same: 1kg = 1kg. The kg of butter has a greater volume and the kg of lead has a higher density.

Why does a kilogram of lead have a bigger density than a kilogram of feathers?

The density of a material is defined as its mass per unit volume. A given volume of lead has more mass than a given volume of feathers. In common usage mass often refers to weight, but that is not a very exact usage of it. For this question it may be useful however to think of a given weight of lead per volume and a given weight of feathers.If you have a kg of lead, that is a small piece, a kg of feathers is a large amount.So for a given volume, say a cubic centimeter, the weight of lead is much more than the weight of feathers.

How many kilograms is equal to a 20 feet container?

It depends on the density of the material. Think of a 20 ft container filled with feathers and another filled with lead. Do you think they will have the same mass?

Which has greater mass 1 L of feathers or 1 L of lead?

One litre of feathers would have far less mass than one litre of lead.

How many pounds does a gallon of chocolate weigh?

It depends entirely on the substance that you have a gallon of. It all depends on the density because a gallon is measure of volume and not weight. Weight is measured in grams, kilograms, pounds etc. To convert between volume and weight, you must know the density of the material. Some substances have a greater density and others have a smaller density. Do you have a gallon of lead or a gallon of feathers? A gallon of lead is very very heavy, and a gallon of feathers is very light.