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In high school and roughly the first 3 years of college . . . as many as you can get.

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Q: What math classes are needed to be a design engineer?
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Does a Design engineer use math?


What HIgh-school classes are needed to become a nuclear engineer?

Physics, Math and science would probably be most important in the field of Nuclear Engineer. or in any nuculear system

What is difference between engineering and design?

The difference between the desgineer and engineer is the math. They both do the same thing except the engineer does the math.

What math classes are needed for nfl football player?

Math classes up to and including geometry,

How exactly does an Engineer 5 use math in his job?

Almost all engineers use math in some form in their work. As an electrical engineer I used math to determine the values of parts like resistors and capacitors in radio circuits I designed. A mechanical engineer uses math to determine the size of parts and strength of the materials needed to build things like car engines. An aeronautical engineer uses math to design airplanes so they are safe to fly. A civil engineer uses math to determine how to place out water and sewer lines in the proper place all over the city and to design safe bridges. Math is as important a tool to an engineer as a hammer is to a carpenter.

What subjects do you need to become a computer system engineer?

Science, math, and computer science classes will be needed to become a computer system engineer. Coursework should also include instruction in electrical engineering.

What kind of education is needed to be an engineer?

Usually math and science

What classes should one take to pursue a career as an electrical engineer?

To be an electrical engineer you have to take classes that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The classes usually include physics, chemistry and math.

What you should take as major to become robotic scientist in mechanical engineering?

A mechanical engineer is not a scientist, they just implement the knowledge of the scientist in design. If you want to become a robotics scientist, you will need as much math and physics classes you can take. Focus on mechanics and higher level math classes.

What math classes are needed to be an architect?

Classes required are on Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Trigonometry.

What are the classes needed for cosmetology?

the classes that are needed to become a cosmetologist are chemistry and math, English like any other career.

What math classes are needed to obtain a degree in business?


What high school classes should you take if you what to be an aeronautical engineer?

Every math course available.

What does math have to do with being an engineer?

If you mean the engineer of a train, then not much. If, however, you mean the people who design and build things, then everything. Math is the most important tool for engineers, no matter what their field.

What subjects are needed for Engineering?

Math is definitely the primary subject to help you excel in engineering. You will also need various science subjects, both as common prerequisites such as basic physics and chemistry classes and as needed for the specific type of engineering you study, such as more advanced chemistry classes for a chemical engineer.

What math classes are needed to become a nurse?

Statistics, Algebra, Calculius

What math classes do you need to take for a Fashion Design degree?

This will highly depend on the College or Universities unique curriculum. Most probably not very advanced math classes will be required.

What high school courses are needed to become a petroleum engineer?

Take high level math, as well as chemistry and physics. Take as much science and math as you can. Also, if your school offers it, take geology. Most importantly, keep your grades up in all classes. It doesn't matter what classes you take if you get bad grades in them.

What are skills needed in interior design?

creativity, math (measurements), etc.

How many years do you spend at university become an engineer?

4 i think but you have to take almost sometimes all math classes

What math classes are needed in high school to become a marine biologist?

Pre Calculus .

What classes are needed to be taken in high school to become a vet?

science, math and physics.

What math classes are needed for a nursing degree?

As long as you do well in the math section of your entrance exam, or compass exam.... for an associates degree, either college algebra or statistics is needed

What math classes are needed to obtain a degree in engineering?

Typically, the minimum required math is Calculus I, II, II, and differential equations.

What classes will you need to become a nuclear engineer?

Biology Physic all the way Math all the way Chemistry all the way