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A short definition of engineering is "applied science". You need all sorts of equations in engineering: equations from pure math, from physics, chemistry, etc., depending on what you work in. I suppose any of these equations might be called a "math equation".

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Q: What math equations is used in engineering?
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Related questions

How are equations used in real life?

Everywhere needed in science, math and engineering .

How does math relate to engineering?

Most of the engineering classes are dependant on math knowledge; especially the solving of differential equations.

Does math do with engineering?

Yes, engineering is a very math-heavy degree - it often involves complex physical equations. Depending on the type of engineering (civil, computer, mechanical, etc), different areas of physics and math are required.

Why do all engineering programs in university require math?

They all use math because mathis in our everyday lives and in engineering programs you need to calculate different equations

What math classes are needed to obtain a degree in engineering?

Typically, the minimum required math is Calculus I, II, II, and differential equations.

Where do you use math?

Math is used at almost every place you can think of. Everything that happens around you can be formulated in equations. The magic of math is all around you =D Almost every field of study requires you to know the basics of math. More advanced math is used extensively in every engineering and science field.

What are some civil engineering math equations?

have a look at this excellent answer in ask dr math.

Is there's a lot of math in electrical engineering?

All areas of engineering are heavy in math. For a typical BSEE (Electrical Enginerring) degree, you are required to take three semesters of Calculus and one semester of Differential Equations.

How is math used in Robotics Engineering?

These are the general math courses in an undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering. Actually, these are also the math courses required in ANY undergraduate Engineering curriculum: Algebra Trigonometry Analytic Geometry Differential Calculus Integral Calculus Mutivariable Calculus Differential Equations

What Equations are used in Math Careers?


What math courses are required for a mechanical engineering degree?

Some would include calculus I, II, III, and differential equations.

What does math have to do with going green?

Math can be used for anything; there are many equations used in the whole "going green" deal so math would be used in that manner

How is 95 used in math?

It is a number and you can use it in equations.

What are equations used for?

Equations are for math and to make you smarterThank you very much and have a nice day!:)

Can substitution in math be used to find the exact solution of a system of equations?


Applications of ordinary differential equations in engineering field?

Applications of ordinary differential equations are commonly used in the engineering field. The equation is used to find the relationship between the various parts of a bridge, as seen in the Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory.

Is mathematics useful in the sciences including physics chemistry and engineering?

Math is very useful in all of those subjects, especially chemistry formulas, physics gravity equations and engineering 3D objects/drawings.

Why do you use laplace transformation in compuer engineering?

Laplace Transforms are used to solve differential equations.

What math formulas is used in mechanical engineering?

There are thousands of formulae that are used.

What equation was used to create the atomic bomb?

Many of them, from both physics and chemistry. Engineering equations were used.

How are science and math used in engineering?

Google it. Type in maths and science engineering and youll see...

How is math used in engineering?

In engineering, math is essential to calculate the various sectional properties such of strength of the materials to design the elements of various construction and manufacturing processes.

Does an engineer have to do a lot of math?

In my opinion, yes, engineers need to do alot of math Definately. When I completed my engineering degree 40+ years ago we had to take 4 levels of Calculus and Differential Equations and maybe 1 more math. That is almost 3 years of straight math courses. Then on top of that, when you began studying in your field during Junior and Senior year, each class used math derivations for homework and lectures.

How does engineering use math as a job?

Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!

How are math expressions and math equations the same?

They are the same except equations use the equal sign =