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A*B=B*A is an example of the commutative property of multiplication.

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Q: What math property is ab equals ba?
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Is ab equals ba distributive property?

no; commutative

Is line segment AB equals BA?

According to the symmetric property (and common sense) line segmetn AB is congruet to line segment BA since they are the same segment, just with a different name

What is the Commutitive property of math?

In math, the Commutative Property refers to operations in which the order of the numbers being operated on does not matter. Multiplication and addition are commutative operations, which may be demonstrated by the algebraic equations "ab = ba" and "a + b = b + a", respectively.

How do you write an equivalent expression using the communative property with 11 plus ab?

Using the communative property of both addition and multiplication, 11+ab could be rewritten as ab+11, 11+ba or ba+11.

Ab equals 8 - c for a?

ab = 8-cDivide both sides by ba = (8-c)/b

What is the value of the digits A and B such that AB plus B equals BA?


If a and b represent numbers What statements represents the commutative property of multiplication?

The commutative property states that ab = ba.

If ab then ba?

If these are vectors, then ba = - ab

Which property is which in math?

the basic number properties in math are associative, commutative, and distributive associative: (for addition) a+(b+c)=(a+b)+c (for multiplication) a(bc)=(ab)c or a*(b*c)=(a*b)*c commutative: (for addition) a+b=b+a (for multiplication) a*b=b*a or ab=ba distributive: a(b+c)=ab+ac or a(b+c)=a*b + a*c

What are all the possible allele combinations for NNBb?

NB, Nb

Can you solve the cryptogram AB plus BA plus B equals AAB?

A = 1, B = 9

If a and b are positive numbers such that ab equals ba and b equals 9a then find the value of a?

With the information given in the question, we can't find the value of either 'a' or 'b' yet, because there's really only one equation given so far. The statement "ab = ba" is an "identity", not an equation. It's simply a statement of the commutative property of multiplication, and it's true for all values of 'a' and/or 'b'. There's no information in it.