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a number system based on ten, fractions and whole numbers, geometry to measure land, and the calendar.

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Q: What mathematical contributions did the egyptians and make to civilizations?
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What contributions did the Harappan civilizations make?

grid system

What medical contributions did the ancient egyptians make?

they were the first ones to use surgery.

What medical contributions did the Egyptians make to other civilization?

They helped modernize chemical embalming mostly.

What major contributions did ancient Greeks make to art?

They developed the first mathematical system of painting perspective

Did Egyptians invent the way computers do their math?

No, the ancient Egyptians did not invent the way computers do math. The invention of modern computers and their mathematical operations is credited to many scientists and mathematicians, including Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and Alan Turing. The Egyptians did, however, make significant contributions to mathematics, including advancements in geometry and numerical systems.

What contributions did the egyptians make the medicine and astronomy?

the egyptains contibuted quite a bit to medicine.They learned how to mend broken bones

Why were the Athenians able to make so many contributions to western civilizations?

They stressed the systematic study of subjects and emphasized the arts.

What mathematical contributions did egyptians make to civilization?

Egyptians were the first to use geometry. After the Nile river flooded and washed away many of the boundaries between tracts of land, they used geometry and the remaining reference points (like hilltops or big rocks that were not moved by the flood) to re-establish the tracts of land.

Egyptians major contributions to the field of chemistry?

A few come to my mind. The concept of the number 0 is first recorded in ancient Egyptian records. Early metallurgy in Egypt was far advanced for the rest of the world at the time. They produced glass earlier then other civilizations. Many of their irrigation techniques are still used in some parts of the world today.

What contributions did Pythagorus make to science?

he proposed that the earth is a sphere, that the earth, moon, and stars revolve around the sun, and that astronomy could be written as mathematical sentences called equations. -smartbrunette12

What advances did the egyptians make in mathematics and science?

the egyptians used hyroglyphs for mathematical problems , but only used fractions with 1 in the numerator. i dont think they were good scintists, for they were the ones who thought that the sun rotated around th earth.

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