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It was the ancient mathematician Pythagoras

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Q: What mathematician founded a religious school?
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Who founded the co-ordinate geometry?

Rene Descartes who was a French mathematician.

What is the reason the Massachusetts colony was founded?

Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom.this is the best answer.

When was Pennsylvania founded and why?

It was founded in 1643, and it was founded for religious tolerance.

Which southern colonies were founded for religious freedoms?

Maryland and Georgia were founded for religious freedom.

Why was Masschusetts founded?

Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom

Who invented the pythagorean theorem?

Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek mathematician who founded a religious movement and came up with Pythagorean Theorum. Other theories include arguments that the theory predates him, or that it was rediscovered and popularized by one of his students.

Why was colonial Massachusetts Bay founded?

Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded for religious freedom.

What did Pythagoras do besides math?

Pythagoras was philosopher, mathematician and founder of a religious group

Which colony was founded as a result of religious dissent in the New World?

New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut were all founded because of religious intolerance.

Which religious group sought religious freedom in Maryland?

Catholics were the religious group that founded Maryland.Lord Baltimore also founded it but I am pretty sure one person can not be a religious

Who are the Pythagoreans?

About five centuries B.C. the school founded by the Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras flourished in Samos, Greece. The Pythagoreans believed (but failed to prove) that the universe could be understood in terms of whole numbers.

What is the religious affiliations of Yale?

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