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Q: What measurement is one half of a diameter?
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What is the diameter of a circle with the the measurement of r10.4in?

Radius (r) is half the diameter. So 10.4 x 2 = 20.8in

Meaning of diameter in a circle?

The diameter of a circle is the length of the circle from one side to the other, going through the middle of the circle. The radius is the measurement of length from the middle of the circle to the perimeter of the circle. This is half of the diameter.

Is diameter the measurement around?

no. its the inside Diameter is the measurement from one side of the circle, through the center, to the opposite side. Circumference is the measurement around the circle.

How big in diameter is one and a half inches?

"One and a half inches" is approximately the same length as 38.1 millimeters (rounded), regardless whether it refers to a piece of string, a measurement of a geographic figure, or a blade of grass. A circle whose diameter is one and a half inches has an area of 1.767 square inches. (rounded)

What is the basic measurement in a circle?

Diameter = distance across Radius = half the diameter Circumference = the diameter times pi Area = the radius squared times pi

If a radius is 15 inches long, how long is a diameter?

The radius of a circle is half the diameter, thus your measurement is 30 inches

What is the length of 27 inches in diameter?

Wait, what? I believe diameter is the measurement straight across the middle of a circle, not a unit of measurement. So if a circle were to be 27 inches in diameter, it would be 27 inches from one side of the circle to the other, with the line going exactly through the center of the circle. Basically, cutting the circle in half.

How do you find out the circumfrance of a circle?

To find the circumfrance of a circle, you need to multiply 2 times pi, times the circle's radius. If you don't know what that is, you multiply two times pi, and pi equals 3.14, and then multiply that by the radius, which is the measurement of half the circl'e diameter. the diameter is the distance from one side of the circle, to the exact opposite. you measure this with a ruler. HALF the measurement of the diameter is the radius. Example---the diameter of a circle is 20 cm. half the diameter is 10 cm, which is the radius. Multiply 2 times pi[which equals 3.14], times the radius. Good luck!

What is one half of a diameter?


What planet has half of Mercury's diameter?

Mercury is the smallest planet, so there isn't one with half the diameter.

How do you find a radius given the diameter?

The radius is one half of the diameter. If the diameter is 20, the diameter is 10.

Is there a country that is 50 square miles in diameter?

Square miles is a measurement of area. Diameter requires a distance measurement, not an area measurement.