What measurement is the same as 4yards's?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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12 feet Or 144 inches

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Q: What measurement is the same as 4yards's?
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Measurement that equal the same as another measurement?

the same :)

Are the measurement 10g and 10.0g the same or different?

The same

How does accuracy differ from precision a scientific measurement?

Accuracy is the tendency for a measurement to be correct. A more accurate measurement will be closer to the true value than a less accurate measurement. Precision is the tendency to come to the same measurement under the same conditions on multiple occasions. A precise measurement may not be accurate, but can be reproduced time after time and give the same (or sImilar) result.

Which angles are congruent?

That means they have the same measurement. Any two angles that have the same measurement (for example, in degrees) are said to be congruent.

What is a polygon that all sides and angles are the same measurement?

A polygon that all sides and angles are the same measurement is a regular polygon.

What is an angle that has the same measurement?


Is KB same as same as Mg?

No. KB (kilobytes) is a measurement of data (1000B, 8000b) Mg (megagrams) is a measurement of weight, (1,000,000 grams)

Does the word description mean the same as measurement?

No it does not.

Do adjacent angles have the same measurement?

Not usually.

A measurement of 0.00254 gram is the same as?


What is 2.38kg in kilos?

That is the same measurement. Kg and kilos are the same thing.

When a measurement is muliplied by a conversion fact the value of the measurement?

. . . does not change. It looks different, but its value is the same.