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Q: What measurement unit microbiologist use when they want to measure something really small?
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How much milliliter is in one gram?

you cant really since mL is a volume measure and grams is a weight measurement

Which tool would you use to measure matter?

Matter isn't really something you can measure. To measure mass, you would use a balance.

What is a unit of measure that equals 1000?

"Kilo" means 1000. It is not really a unit of measurement, but a prefix used with other units of measurements.

Objects can be measure in centimeter?

you can measure anything in centimeters but most things would be really big and you would want to measure them with something else

How is converting one unit of measure similar to converting to another unit of measure?

You don't really "convert a unit of measurement"; you convert from one unit to another. The two - "from" and "to" are always required.

What is the unit of measurement of gas?

That depends what you want to measure about the gas: its volume, mass, transparency, temperature, etc. The really isn't such a thing as a "unit of measurement of gas", there are units of measurement for mass, volume, temperature, etc., all of which can be attributes of a specific gas.

What is the height in cm of a tall man?

This is a really stupid question because it depends on how tall the man is and what unit of measurement you are using to measure his height.

What objects can be measured in meters?

There is not really any requirement in length for you to measure in meters. You have to use your own judgement to choose the right unit of measurement.

How do you measure longboard trucks?

If you mean hanger with (which is really the only measurement) Its not the axle, but the hanger, so basically from one inside bearing to the other.

What is cc in medical measurement -?

The volume measurement unit cc (cubic centimeter) is usually replaced by the liquid volume measure unit ml(milliliter).

Is feet the same as cubic feet?

In a way but not really. Feet is what you would use to measure the length of something and cubic feet is what you use to measure the volume of something, like a cube.

Are length and volume alike?

Length and volume can both be used to estimate how large something is, but they are really different types of things. Length is just one dimension of measurement, and volume requires three dimensions of measurement.