What measures distance on a map?

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the scale

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Q: What measures distance on a map?
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What is a scale that measures distance on a map?

map scale

What measures a distance on a map?

the scale

What instrument measures the distance between 2 towns?

A map.

What do map scales and map legends explain in a map?

A scale measures distance and the legend shows points of interest and facts of the map.

What do you call the part on the key that measures distance on a map?

nobody cares!!

What does longitude on a map measures?

The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian.

What is a parallel line on a map that measures distance north and south of the equator?


What does easting mean on a map?

Easting means the x coordinate on a map. It measures the eastward distance. The other coordinate is Northing.

What is the difference between a latitude-longitude map and a military grid reference system map?

Latitude measures the distance from East to West. Longitude measures the distance from North to South. As for Military Grid, it shows a location/object on the map and, what Latitude and Longitude line that location/object is on.

On a map the distance from Falls City Texas to Pleasanton measures 2 centimetersWhat is the actual distance if the scale of the map shows that 1 crntimeter is equal to 30 kilometers?

350 kilometers

What is the tool for measuring distance?

An odometer measures distance traveled by a wheeled vehicle. There are various tools, mostly optical or electronic such as radar, that measure distance from a fixed point. A ruler is often used to measure distance on a map, converting the measurement to the scale found on the map legend.

If the scale on a map is 1 inch to 500 miles an the distance between to places on the map measures 2 and three fourths inches how far apart are the places?


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