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Q: What metric measuremennt would be used to measure the mass of a bike?
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A metric odometer measure distance in?

A metric odometer measures distance in kilometers. When you ride a bike, vehicle, or scooter and skateboard, you are traveling in kilometers.

What the size of a suspension bike bolt?

That would be different from bike to bike. Get a vernier caliper and measure it.

What metric unit is used to measure a length of a bike?

I suggest you use the meter.

Would you use kilograms to measure a bike?


What metric unit would be best for measuring the length of a bike trail?

The answer is a meter!!!!!!!!!!!

What is mean of bike CC?

"cc", in discussions of motors, refers to "cubic centemeters" , which is a metric measure of engine displacement. American cars and bikes still refer to "cubic inches" of engine displacement.

A metric odometer measures distance in?

A metric odometer measures distance in kilometers. When you ride a bike, vehicle, or scooter and skateboard, you are traveling in kilometers.

Would you use milligrams or kilograms to measure a bike?

You would use kilograms rather than milligrams to use a bike. To measure with milligrams, it would be a very big number. 1,000 milligrams = 1 gram 1,000 grams = 1 kilogram To get pounds, multiply the number of kilograms by 2.2. Example: A bike weighs 5 kilograms. The bike weighs 11 pounds. If a bike weighs 5 kilograms, multiply by 1,000,000 to get milligrams because 1 kilogram is 1,000 grams and 1 gram weighs 1,000 milligrams. The bike would weigh 5,000,000 milligrams. This is why you would weigh a bike with kilograms instead of milligrams.

What does cc mean in a dirt bike?

cubic centimeter (measure of volume of an engine)The cc of an engine stands for the cubic capacity. Measurement can be stated as metric or imperialcubic centimetre's. it mesures how much the cylinder can hold

Is it better to measure a bicycle's mass in grams or milligrams?

You measure a Bicycles mass in KILOGRAMS. You would measure the weight of an APPLE in Grams, and the weight of your brain in milligrams, if you think you would meaure a bike in grams or milligrams.

Bike not starting no power to bikehad power then you thought the battery died and when you took the battery out and tried to install another one no power 2 bikeany ideas would be great thanks?

Check the 30Amp main fuse. If it's a Metric bike it will be on the starter solonoid.

What bike is better a razor bike or a mongoose bike?

I would say a mongoose

What unit should you use to measure a bike?


Difference between have and has?

The difference is the person who is possessing. For example you would say "I have a bike" or "He has a bike". You would not, however, say "I has a bike" or "He have a bike" unless you're ignorant and uneducated.

How do you measure yourself to find out what dirt bike is the size for you?

Measure your forarm length by 3.14 or pi (the more decimals you use the more accurate it will be obv)... if this matches the ID number you did it wrong.... its important to get a bike that compliments your skin tone so if you are black get a white bike it looks coo...

Would you rather have a dog or a bike?

doggo i love any animal

What is the weight limit on a Sinclair a-bike?

The weight limit is 187 lbs (pounds) or riders below 13st 5lbs (metric).

How do I find a replacement bike tire?

In order to find the proper replacement for your bike tire you need to measure the wheel and determine which type of tire your bike uses. You can also take it to a bike repair shop and they can help you pick out a replacement tire.

What is a situation in which balanced forces are acting on a bike?

When the bike is not moving, there is an equal force between the bike and a surface. If you are seated on the bike in a still position, you and the bike would create an even balanced force. If you accelerated, you would create an unbalanced force.

Would a bmws1000rr be a good first bike?

no not for a first bike

What bike would you have?

i would have a wethepeple

How much would it cost to have a custom electric road bike with a 150cc motor built?

150cc is a measure of cylinder volume for combustion Engines. Doesn't make sens to ask for a 150 cc Electric road bike. Unless you want a hybrid, dual drivetrain vehicle.

If you have a fuel tank capacity of 13.8L what does it mean?

It means you might not have heard of the metric system and if you own a Japanese bike (this is posted in the Yamaha moto section), you *need* to know the metric system even for basic maintenance. L is the abbreviation for Liters. The unit Liters is another way to measure capacity like gallons. If you type into g00gle "13.9L in gallons" and it will do the conversion for you. you get: 13.9 L = 3.67199153 US gallons

Would a kx 85cc be a good bike for you if so were could you get a cheap one you are 14?

Yes, this would be a good bike for you if you are 14 years of age. This motorcycle is a dirt bike.

What type of bike to use for triathlon race?

A bike to use in a triathlon would be either a mountain bike or a ten speed street bike depending on the riding, do not use a bmx bike or you will be sorry.