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37 and 1/2

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Q: What mixed number is three over eight of onehundred?
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How do you write three and eight tents?

If you mean three and eight tenths then it is 3 and 8/10 as a mixed number

How do you write eight and three tenths?

As a mixed number it is: 8 and 3/10

What is eight plus three fourths?

it is 8 3/4 just a mixed number

How do you write three and eight tenths in fraction or mixed number?

3 8/10

What is forty over onehundred three?


What its 19 over 8 as a mixed number?

19/8 as a mixed number is 2 and 3/8

What is 35 over 8 Converted into a mixed number?

4 3/8 (four and three over eight)

What 1.75 in mixed number?

The mixed number is 1 and three fourths

What is is the mixed number for three twos?

The answer to three twos is an integer and not a mixed number.

How did you pronounce mixed number?

An example of a mixed number is: three and three quarters which is 3 and 3/4

What is the mixed number for 2 hexagon and rhombuses?

There is no mixed number for the three shapes.

What is three and eight ninths as a mixed number?

3 8/9, that's 3, then the fraction 8 over 9.

Is three and three fifths a mixed number?

Yes, 3 3/5 is a mixed number because it has a whole-number portion and a fractional portion.

What is a mixed number for three sixteenths?

there is no mixed number because the numerator is less than the denominator

What mixed number is the same as three one half?

3 and 1/2 is a mixed number.

What is the mixed number for 35 eighths?

Mixed number for 35 / 8 = four and three eighths

What is three fifths as a mixed number?

Three fifths (3/5) cannot be expressed as a mixed number, because 3/5 is in between 1 and -1. A mixed number has to be either greater than 1, or less than -1 to be expressed as a mixed number.

Write each fraction as a mixed number 19 4?

The mixed number is 4 and three quarter.

What is 1.924 repeating in a fraction?

That depends what part of the fraction is repeated. Expressed as a mixed number, 1.924924924... is equal to 1 308/333 or one and three hundred and eight three hundred and thirty-thirds. Expressed as a mixed number, 1.9242424... is equal to 1 61/66 or one and sixty-one sixty-sixths. Expressed as a mixed number, 1.924444... is equal to 1 208/255 or one and two hundred and eight two hundred and fifty-fifths.

How do you write 3.15 as a mixed number?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 3.15 is equal to 3 3/20 or three and three twentieths.

How do you turn 3.8 into mixed number?

Read it out loud. Three and eight tenths. 3 and 8/10 Reduced, it's 3 and 4/5

What is the mixed number for three and three fourths?

three and three fourths- 3 3/4 is already a mixed number the other i think you might be looking for is 13/4- thirteen over four

What is the mixed number for twelve thirds?

The answer is four. It's not a mixed number since twelve is evenly divisible by three.

How do you covert eight and three fourths?

Convert it to what? Eight and 3/4 <- that is currently in mixed form, what form are you trying to get it in?

What is 8.327 as a fraction?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 8.327 is equal to 8 327/1000 or eight and three hundred and twenty-seven thousandths.