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A negative exponent is 1 over the base to the power of the absolute value of the exponent. For example 2 to the power of -1 is 1/2, 2 to the power of -2 is 1/4, or (1/2) squared, and 2 to the power of -3 is 1/8, or (1/2) cubed.

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Q: What must you turn a negative exponent problem into?
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How do you solve a positive number with a negative exponent?

turn the positive number into its recipricol and the put the number of the negative number on the top

What is the Definition of negative exponents?

A negative exponent simply means that the base is on the wrong side of the fraction line.For example, if you have x-2, you can turn this into a positive exponent by moving the base to the denominator and changing the sign on the exponent. The result would be:1--x2

What is x to the power minus 0.5?

A negative exponent means the same as a positive exponent in the denominator. Thus, x-0.5 = 1/x0.5. This, in turn, is equivalent to 1/(square root of x).

How do you turn a positive exponent into a negative exponent?

Invert the function.1/x = x-1x5 = 1/x-51/sqrt(x) = 1/x1/2 = x-1/2

How do you calculate a decimal to a negative fractional exponent?

The negative exponent is defined as the reciprocal of the positive exponent. Here is an example: 10-2/3 = 1/102/3 This, in turn, can be converted to a root. So, in the end result, you have: 1/102/3 = 1 / cubic root of (102) or 1 / (cubic root of 10)2

What are the quantities in scientific notation of 00.00000000058?

Move 10 decimal places to the right to get: 5.8 x 10-10 To understand why the exponent is negative, know the basics of multiplying the value by 10's. If we have only decimal values, such as 0.0008, then the exponent must turn out to be negative. That is because the value 8.0 is divided by 104 or 10000. This means that you move 4 decimal places from the starting point. 8/10000 = 0.0008

How do you turn negative exponents into positive exponents?

Put the number with the exponent in the denominator of a fraction and take off the negative symbol. The numerator in that fraction should be 1. Example: 8-2 Converts to: 1 --- 82

How do you turn a negative exponent into a positive exponent?

Move the base number to the 'other side" of a division bar and change the exponent to the opposite sign. Example: 1/9 = 3^-2 becomes 1/(3^2) or 4 = 1/ (2^-2) becomes 2^2. Try it on your calculator to check your work.

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The term is interpreted as 0.0008. The goal here is to move the decimal place right next to the leading nonzero digit. For instance, if we want to convert 0.0008 to scientific notation, we move 4 decimal places to the right, so it turns out to be: 8.0 x 10-4 To understand why the exponent is negative, know the basics of multiplying the value by 10's. If we have only decimal values, such as 0.0008, then the exponent must turn out to be negative. That is because the value 8.0 is divided by 104 or 10000 as we have determined. This means that you move 4 decimal places from the starting point. 8/10000 = 0.0008.

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