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negative 25

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Q: What negative number is less than negative 24?
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What is the answer to the problem -24-25?

When you subtract a number from a negative number, the resulting answer answer is only more negative. To phrase the problem in words, what value is 25 less than negative 24? So your answer is -49

What number is 24 less than 48?

The answer is 24.

Is negative 42 greater negative 24?

No, -42 is actually less than -24.Here is the "pedestrian" way of solving that problem:If the terms have the negative sign, then the least value is the one that has the greater magnitude than another. For instance, 42 has the greater magnitude than 24, but with the negative signs, -42 is less than -24.

What are whole number less than 24?

There are infinitely many of them: all integers which are less than 24.

How do you write 24 less than number?

X - 24 where X is the number

Is -34 smaller than 24?

- 34 is a negative number, and 24 is a positive number. If we consider the numbers 24 and 34 without reference to either number being positive or negative, then 24 is the smaller number. However, when we consider - 34 and 24 as it is, then - 34 is smaller than 24.

What is 23 less than a number is 24?

It is: 47-23 = 24

What is the number that is 10 less than 24 609?

24 599 :)

Is negative 14 greater than negative 24?

Yes it is greater. When counting in negative number or using them in math, the smaller the negative number, the bigger it is

What is a two-digit number that is one less than a square number and when doubled is one less than a square number?

the number is 24.. 24 is one less than 25 which is 5 squared when doubled its 48, which is one less than 7 squared (49)

Is negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No. Negative 24 is greater than Negative 42.

How do you write 24 less than three times a number in algebraic expression?

Let x = your number;( 3 x ) - 24The 3x portion represents three times a number, then you subtract (24 less) the 24.

Which is greater -24 or 5?

5 is greater then -24. Any positive number is greater than any negative number

What number when doubled is two less than 50?


What is the number less than 30 that have 8 factors?


What is the lowest number that goes into 18 and 24 that's higher than 24?

There is no number higher than 24 that goes into 24, much less the both of them. The lowest number that 18 and 24 go into is 72.

Is -80 less than -24?


What whole number less than 100 has 8 factors?


When I halve it the result is 20 less than 44. What is the number?


What number is less than 30 and has exactly 8 factors?


What number is 9 less than the sum of 24 and 23?

It is: 24+23-9 = 38

Is the product of an odd number of negative integers positive or negative?

(-2)(-3)(-4) = -24. (6)(-4) = -24. So the product of an odd number of negative integers is a negative number.

What number has 4 factor pairs the sum of the digits is 6 but less than 40?

24 does.

What number is less than 29has 4 and 6 as factors?

12 and 24

What number is less than 25?

How about: 24 23 22 21 ..... and so on