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Yes it is greater. When counting in negative number or using them in math, the smaller the negative number, the bigger it is

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Q: Is negative 14 greater than negative 24?
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Is negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No. Negative 24 is greater than Negative 42.

Is integer negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No it is not.

Is negative 42 greater negative 24?

No, -42 is actually less than -24.Here is the "pedestrian" way of solving that problem:If the terms have the negative sign, then the least value is the one that has the greater magnitude than another. For instance, 42 has the greater magnitude than 24, but with the negative signs, -42 is less than -24.

Which is greater -24 or 5?

5 is greater then -24. Any positive number is greater than any negative number

Is 2 years less or greater than 14 months?

Two years are greater than 14 months. Since there are 12 months in one year, 2 years would be equal to 24 months. Therefore, 24 months (2 years) is greater than 14 months.

Is 2 years greater than less than or equal to 14 months?


What number is greater than - 24 -42 -27 -16 or -30?

Assume we want to find the number greater than -24.The greatest value of all of these negative integers is the one with the least magnitude. The value with the least magnitude is 16 since 16 < 27, 42 and 30. If we assign the negative signs for these integers, then -16 is considered to be the greatest of all integers given. Therefore, -16 is greater than -24.

Is 31.25 greater than 24?

Yes, 31.25 is greater than 24

What is negative 14 minus 10?

-14 - 10 = -24

Is .12 greater or less than .24?

.12 is less than .24

What is negative 24 plus 14?


What number is greater 0.52 or 24?

24 is greater than 0.52