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The number that comes after 2 is 1.

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Q: What number comes before 2?
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What is the number 2?

the number 2 in the nuber that comes after 1 and before 3.

What number comes before 1?

The number 0 and the next is 2.

What whole number comes before 2 million?

It is: 1,999,999

What number comes before 200?


What number comes before 1 2?

It is: 0 1 2 3 ... etc

What whole number comes before 2 000 000?


Write prime number that comes before 30?

The prime number which comes immediately before 30 is 29.

What is the number that comes before the ordinal number 2554?

2,553rd comes before 2,554th

What is the number after 1?

the number after 1 is 2 it goes,12345678910 but before 1 comes 0

In mathematics What number comes before 1 2?

If you mean integers of 1 and 2 then it is 0

What number comes before pi?

Any negative number comes before pi in the number line.

What comes before two?

The number that comes before two is one. The number after two is three.

What is the number 42 comes before in counting by 2's?


What number comes before and after 700?

699 comes before and 701 comes after

What number comes before 9?

8 is the integer before 9, but a number is not necessarely an integer. You could say 8.9999999... comes before nine, or you could go further and say that any number that is less than nine is before nine, like -2.

What number comes before three?

Two comes before three.

What is the numeral that comes before the number 8409?

The integer or whole number is 8408 that comes before 8409

Math What number comes right before 110?

The number that comes right before 110 would be 109. The number that comes right after 110 is 111.

What number comes before 220 base 5?

There is no number that comes before or after any other number because you can always insert a nother number between the two. If you meant what INTEGER comes before, the answer is 214

What are some facts about the number 4?

comes after 3 and before five. it is dividable by 2.

What comes just before twice the smallest 2-digit number?


2 5 3 9?

2539 is a number that comes after 2538 and before 2540.

A number which comes before a number is called?

A number!

What prime number comes just before 53?

47 is the prime number that comes just before 53.

What is a coefficicent?

In math, it is the number that comes before the variable, such as x. In chemistry, it is the number that comes before the chemical formula.