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To get a mean of 91 from two numbers the two numbers should add up to 182 (2x91), so if one number is 71.2, then the other number is 182-71.2=110.8.

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Q: What number do you add to 71.2 to get a mean of 91?
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What 2 prime numbers add together to make 91?

Two is the only even prime number. When you add an odd number to another odd number, you get an even number. When you add an even number to an odd number, you get an odd number. 91 is an odd number, therefore the answer is 2 and 89.

Why you add plus plus 91 before mobile number?

91 is the dialling code for India. So you would add plus 91 (normally not plus plus 91) to dial a mobile with an Indian number. The phone need not be in India.

What are all of the 91 times?

It's not possible to write down all the multiples of 91. If you brought me a number and told me that your number is the largest multiple of 91, then no matter how large your number was, all I would have to do would be to add 91 to it, and I would have another multiple of 91 that's larger than your number. There are an infinite number of them.

What prime number multiplied by another prime number add up to 91?

7 x 13

How do you find the mean daily high temperature?

If you have a list of temperatures then you add them up and then divide them by the amount of numbers you have. Example: 100 91 85 ---- 86 And then you divide by the number of numbers 3 numbers: 100, 91, and 85

What is 82 add 91?


What is 5 add 91?


The sum of two consecutive number is 91 What are the numbers?

Two consecutive numbers which add up to 91 are the numbers one half either-side of 91/2 = 45.5. Therefore, the numbers are 45 + 46 = 91.

How much is 65 add 26?


Is 91 a composite number or a prime?

91 is a prime number.

Is 91 a prime number under 100?

91 is not a prime number. 91 is a composite number having the factors 1, 7, 13, and 91.

What is does it mean when in the dash light in the bottom right hand corner of a 91 Mitsubishi 3000gt mean?

add water to your windshield washer bottle

Which element has a mass number of 91?

The only stable isotope with a mass number of 91 is zirconium-91.

Is 91 a composite number?


What number times what number is 91?

number times a number is 91: 1 & 917 & 13.91 is not a prime number

What is a composite number 91 29 139 13?

91 is a composite number. The factors of 91 are 7 and 13

What is the number of 91 overnight stays for child support?

Not sure what you mean by "the number of 91 over night stays." However, overnight stays ordinarily do not affect one's support obligation.

What is the second prime number after 91?

The second prime number after 91 is 101.

What is the next prime number after 91?

97 is the next prime number after 91.

Is 91 a composite nunber?

91 is a Composite Number.

Is 91 are prime number?

No 91=13*7

What number divides 91?

1, 7 and 91

What number is larger 91 or 070?

91 is larger

How do you write the number 91?

91 = ninety-one.

Is 91 a compisite or a prime number?

91 is composite.