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Q: What number does a meter stop at?
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What is a meter stop?

A meter stop is a small metal or plastic peg placed just beyond the limits of normal meter movement on an analog meter movement to prevent the needle from moving too far off scale. Overloading a meter so that it hits the meter stop hard is often called "pegging" the meter and can damage it by bending the needle.

Where on the meter is the esi number?

where on the meter is the esi id number on centerpoint meters

How do you stop electronic three phase energy meter?

By stop using the electricity

A rope is 440cm long How long is it in millimeters?

Metric Conversion: No Prefix (meter) - 1 - 1 meter in a meter Centi (centimeter) - 100 - 100 cm in a meter Milli (millimeter) - 1000 - 1000 mm in a meter From this you can derive other relationships. For example, to determine how many millimeters in a centimeter you can divide 1000(number of millimeters in a meter) by 100 (number of centimers in a meter) to get 10 millimeters in a centimeter. Since you have 440 centimeters and you need to convert it to millimeters, you multiple the number by 10 (the amount of millimeters in a centimeter) to get 4400 millimeters. Also, stop cheating on your homework.

Can someone find the owner of a postage meter by the postage meter number?

Yes, the Post Office will have this information if you give them the meter number.

What does a deco meter look like?

A stop sing

What is the phone number of the Van Meter Public Library in Van Meter?

The phone number of the Van Meter Public Library is: 515-996-2435.

How do you stop power meter?

Highly Illegal Highly Illegal

What number represent three and five tenths meter?

3.5 of a meter

Du meter serial number?

do you have DU Meter serial nember

What is meaning of stop mode in TOD energy meter how can reverse energy calculated in TOD meter?

WikiAnswers does not give information about illegal acts, such as tampering with with a TOD meter.

What are the units of a capillary number?

capillary number(Ca)=(viscosity*velocity)/surface tension viscosity have the unit (kg/(meter*time)) same for velocity(meter/time) and surface tension ((kg*meter)/(time2*meter)) so= (kg *meter*time*time*meter)/(meter*time*time*kg*meter) = unitless dimension={M0 L0 T0}