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centi comes from the Latin word for 100. In the metric system it means 1/100, as the Latin prefixes mean reciprocal multipliers [1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, etc], and Greek prefixes are the 'normal' multipliers [10, 100, 1000, etc.]

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Q: What number does centi stand for?
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What value does the prefix centi stand for?

According to the SI System of units the prefix 'centi' stands for 1 hundredth of a unit.

What does the abbreviation C stand for?

It can stand for Celsius, centi- (meaning one-hundredth), or the roman numeral 100.

How many centimeters are there in two and a half meters?

In the metric system "centi" means 100 and "milli" means 1000. Therefore there are 100 "centi"meters in a meter. So if you multiply the number of meters by a "centi" and you will get the number of centimeters.

What does the prefix centi- stand for?

In metric units, the centi- prefix means one hundredth. eg a centimetre is one hundredth of a metre. eg a centilitre is one hundredth of a litre

What does centi equals?


What number does the prefix centi- represent?

The prefix centi- does not represent any number. It is a prefix that refers to measurement units and refers to units that are one-hundredth of the basic unit.The prefix centi- does not represent a number. It represents a measurement unit, in the metric or SI system, whose magnitude is one hundredth of the base unit.

What is the decimal equivalent of the prefix centi?

centi- = 0.01

What is the fraction to centi?

Multiply by 1/100 to get centi.

The prefix centi means what number?

1 and 10 sure answer 1 nd 10

Is the prefix deci indicates a larger number than the prefix centi?


What is the thota number of mili meter in a centi merter?

There are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter

Which is greater centi or deci?

Deci is Latin for "ten", Centi is Latin for "hundred"

How many centi liters 55 centi liters?


In the metric system the prefix for 1 over 100 is?

The prefix for 1/100 is "centi".The prefix for 1/100 is "centi".The prefix for 1/100 is "centi".The prefix for 1/100 is "centi".

What comes before centi?

i believe centh comes before centi

How do you convert centi minutes into minutes?

Divide centi-minutes by 100 and you get minutes

Which is greater value centi or milli?

With fractional amounts, centi- is greater.

What is the numerical equivalent of centi?

The numerical equivalent of centi is .01 or 1/100.

What is the meaning of the prefix centi?

Centi means to put together.

How many centi litters in miiliters?

100 are in mili smaller than centi

Which is larger micro milli centi?

Centi is the largest of the 3 prefixes given.

When was Giancarlo Centi born?

Giancarlo Centi was born on 1959-05-14.

When did Sergio Centi die?

Sergio Centi died on March 15, 2002.

Number of centineters in a meter?

centi means 100... so there are 100 cm in one m -nicci

What specific number or quantity does the word centi denote?

It means a 100th as in a centimeter which is 1/100 of a meter