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negative numbers

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Q: What number group is negative five in?
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Is minus five a number?

A Negative number but yes it is a number.

What is The quotient of twice a number and five is negative two?

negative 5

Is negative five a whole number?


Is negative five a real number?


Is negative five a rational number and real number?


Main oxidation number of arsenic?

Arsenic has an oxidation number of -3. Since it is in group 15, it has five valence electrons. It wants to have eight, so it will gain three electron. Electrons are negative, that's why the oxidation number is negative.

Is 5 a negative number?

Five is not a negative number. It is odd, but if you put a - in front of it, it IS negative.(Negative numbers are always preceded by a negative sign, like -5.)

What is the oxidation number of N?

The oxidation number of N, or Nitrogen, is N-3. Nitrogen is in group five, meaning it has five valence electrons. It needs to get eight to be stable. So it will gain 3 electrons to be stable. If you gain electrons, that makes it a negative number since electrons are negative in charge.

What is the property of negative five multiplied by one equals to negative five?

The property of the number 1 as the multiplicative identity for numbers.

When negative five is subtracted from a number the result is 10 Find the number?

The number is 5.

Is positive five greater than negative five?

Yes. Write the number line horizontally with the negative numbers to the left, zero in the middle and positive numbers to the right, then the further right a number is, the greater it is; so with two numbers the number further right on the line is the greater of the two: Positive five is to the right of negative five, therefore it is greater than negative five, ie +5 > -5

What number is halfway between negative two and negative three?

Are you serious? Negative two point five. -2.5

Is negative five or six a rational number?


Twice a number decreased by 72 is negative five?


Is a negative five squared positive?

No. -5 x -5 = -25 ... still a negative number.

Which number gives the distance between psotive 27 and negative 7?

The answer to that is going to be -5 ( negative five)

What is the number -10000000000000000000000000?

Negative one with twenty-five zeros is negative ten septillion.

What number is -5?

It is minus 5 or negative 5.

What does negative five minus negative five equal?

zero (0) ; -5 - -5 = -5 + +5 = 0. Two things to note here:Any number subtracted from itself equals zero.Subtracting a negative number is the same as adding.

What kind of number is minus 4 divided to five?

A negative rational (also real) number.

Which is five less than the quotient of a number and 3 is negative 7?


Five less than twice what negative number squared is 157?


When negative five is subtracted from a number the result is 10?

5 - (-5) = 10

Is negative five a counting number?

No, it is not. Counting numbers are positive whole numbers.

What is the value of -5 to the power of two?

(-5)2 =25 Because a negative number times another negative number gives a positive number and five fives are 25