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one billion

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Q: What number in standerd form represents one thousand millions?
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What number in standard form represents one thousand millions?

1,000*,100,000,000but i am not really surebut i think it is right

What is a standard number for one thousand millions?

One thousand millions = 1,000,000,000 (one billion).

What digit is in the thousand place in the number 824167?

The digit in the thousand place in the number 824167 is 4.

Is 780000 millions or thousands?

The number is seven hundred and eighty thousand.

In the symbol 131531 the number 53 represents the?

It is the number of tens modulo one thousand.

How do you write seven thousand and six thousand millions two hundred thousandths?

I don't think that you can put the thousands before the millions so that number is just wrong.

What does 6 million look like?

Standerd:6,000,000Word And Number:6 million

What is the place value of the 7 in the number 79613?

It represents 70,000 = seventy thousand

How many millions are there in 1000000000?

Divide your number with one million and you will receive the answer: 1000000000/1000000 = 1000. There are one thousand millions in a billion.

In Canada how many millions in a billion?

The same number as in the United States, one thousand.

What is the value 4 in the numbers 147609?

In the number 147609, 4 represents forty thousand.

How is the 6 in the number 364 021 not in the thousands place?

Because it represents SIXTY THOUSAND