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It is a billion = 1,000,000,000

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What number in standard form is One million thousands?

One million thousands in standard form is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion).

How thousands are in 1 million?

1,000 thousands per million.

How many ten thousands are there in a million?

There are 100 ten-thousands in 1 million.

How many thousands is 1 5 million?

There are 15,000 thousands in 15 million

What is the standard number for one million thousands?

One billion. One thousand thousands is a million, one million thousands is a billion, one billion thousands is a trillion, and so on.

What number in standard form representsone million thousands?


How many thousands in one quarter million?

250 thousands are in 1/4 million.

How many hundred-thousands are in 1 million?

There are 10 hundred-thousands in a million.

How many thousands make a crore?

The number of thousands in a crore is 10,000. A crore is equal to 10 million, which is 10 thousand thousands.

How many thousands equals 1 billions?

A million thousands.

How many thousand in 1 million?

There are 1,000 thousands for every 1 million.

How many thousands are there in 1 millions?

One million is 1,000,000, hence there are one thousand thousands in a million

How many thousands of dollars are in a billion dollars?

1000 (1000000) or 1 million thousands. 1 million x 1000 equals 1 billion

What is this number 2 hundred millions 1 ten million 5 million 5 hundred thousands 1 thousand 2 hundreds 4 tens?


1 billion is equal to how much thousands?

one million thousands

What does 10hundred thousands equal to?

1 million

What number has one million eight more hundred thousands than million five fewer ten thousands than hundred thousands eight more thousands than million seven fewer hundreds than hundred thousands and?

So far we're at 1,949,2xx

How do you write the number six million ten thousands?


What is one million three thousands and twelve?

As a number it is: 1,003,012

What is 150 million expressed in thousands?

If you see a amount that is expressed in thousands, you add three zeros on to the end of the number. 150 million would be 150 billion. If you are asking how to express 150 million in thousands it would be 150,000.

How do you say 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?

1 million hundred thousands

How many thousands are there in 1 quarter of a million?

250 of them.

How many thousands are in each number 56 million and 200 thousands?

56 thousand, and 200 respectively.

How do you convert billions into thousands?

Each billion is one million thousands.Each billion is one million thousands.Each billion is one million thousands.Each billion is one million thousands.

How many thousands are in a billion?

In the US ("short scale"), there are 1 million thousands in a billion (1 x 109).* In the European system, a billion is 1 x 1012, so there are "1 milliard thousands" in a billion. This is called the "long scale" where number names increase by millions rather than thousands.(see the related link)