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What number is I and M in the alphabet?

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'I' is the 9th letter in the alphabet.

'M' is the 13th letter in the alphabet.

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Q: What number is I and M in the alphabet?
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What number is m in the alphabet?

it is number 13

What Number Letter of the alphabet is M?


What letter is the middle of the alphabet?

k is the middle number n is the letter in the middle of the alphabet. M and N together are the middle of the alphabet. There are 26 letters; M is the 13th so it ends the first half, and N begins the second half.

What is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet?

The 13th letter of the alphabet is M

Which letter is the 13th in the alphabet?

if it is the english alphabet then the letter is M. :)


in the English alphabet it is number 9

Why is the slope is represented by m?

M is simply just a random number picked by math maticians. Almost the whole alphabet stands for something.

Which two letters is the letter m situated between in the alphabet?

The letter that comes before the letter M is L. The letter that comes after M in the alphabet is N. Therefore, the letter M is situated between L and N in the alphabet.

What is a m?

a letter in the alphabet

What does m mean in the phonetic alphabet?

M = "Mike"

What letter occurs halfway through the alphabet?

The English alphabet has 26 letters. The thirteenth letter is 'M'But this letter is not in the middle of the alphabet, neither is it halfway between the A and the Z.'M' is at the last letter of the first half of the letters. But if you are counting from backwards from Z, the thirteenth letter is 'N'.The same reasoning applies to all alphabets with an equal number of letters. There is no letter at the half-way point.But if the question is about another alphabet, and one with an odd number of letters, you can easily identify the letter that is exactly halfway through, by counting.For example, the modern standard Italian alphabet has 21 letters, and the middle letter is the 11th letter, an 'M', but this time it really is exactly half-way through the alphabet!Or if the question is "What letter occurs halfway through 'the alphabet'?", the answer is the letter 'p'!

Is m a letter?

Yes, "m" (or M) is the 13th letter of the English alphabet.

Why do bikers use the number 69 or 13?

The 13th letter of the alphabet is the letter M which stands for Marijuana. The number 69 represents the sexual position.

The difference between the alphabet key and the number key?

alphabet keys type letters and number keys type number alphabet keys:qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm number keys:1234567890

How is M related to P?

They are both in the alphabet.

What are facts about m?

Letterits in the alphabetIt is a consonant

What is the 13th letter of the Alphabet?


What number is the letter w in the alphabet?

W is letter number 23 in the alphabet.

What letter comes after 23 in the alphabet?

23 is not in the alphabet. It is a number. The next number is 24. If you are asking what the 24th letter of the alphabet is, it's X.

What does the number 13 signify for a tattoo?

The 13th letter of the alphabet is M which stands for Marijuana. I am 60 and this has been true since I was a teenager

What number of the alphabet is n?

It is the fourteenth letter of the English alphabet.

what is your favorite number of the alphabet true or false?

Geometry Dash.

What does the number 13 mean to a biker?

... the 13th letter of the alphabet is M Mary Jane... Grass. Marijuanna. ....The 13th letter of the Alphabet is M and to some bikers it means the wearer has Murdered. Depends on the person. More prominent in 1%er Clubs.

What is the difference between Malta and orange?

Malta starts with alphabet 'M'. Orange starts with alphabet 'O'

What is the longest letter in the English alphabet?

The longest letter in the English alphabet is "M". It stands for "meter". lol