What number is a valid number?

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A valid credit card number is a card that is recognized as real and usable. An invalid card is either expired or falsified.

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Q: What number is a valid number?
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What does valid phone number mean?

A valid phone number is just a phone number that is valid - that normally just means a real, working telephone number. This is normally what is meant when a website asks you to enter a valid phone number or if you are asked to give a valid phone number on a form.A valid phone number is a number that connects to a working telephone line.

How can you right a valid cell number?

Is this a valid number to register in a site?9192771584

What is Chrysler part 3874199?

from my resources that is not a valid part number.from my resources that is not a valid part number.

How do you make a social security number valid?

You don't. The number you're assigned by the Social Security Administration will already be valid. A number you get any other way is invalid and can't be made valid. (Even if the number itself is "valid" in the sense "it's an actual social security number", it's not valid for you unless it's your social security number.)

Is there another valid number instead of the pizza number on Reality TV Island?

No. There is no other valid number for the motel phone.

What does valid number mean?

A valid number is a logically correct answer to whatever is asking. So for example, someone asks you how many apples you have, -5 is not a valid number.

What Roman number is 11XX?

IIXX is not a valid number.

How do you write sentence with the word valid in it?

"What if the credit card number isn't valid?"

Is this aba 121000358 valid?

Yes, this is valid Bank Of America ABA number.

Is 1029 a valid octal number?


Is 00223359 valid membership number?


What country does this number 10115166730621 to?

That is not a valid international telephone number.

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