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-100 all the way to -999

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Q: What number is below 100 and is in the 100's and is three digits?
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three hundred 30,000 / 100 = 300

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There are 25 prime numbers from 1 to 100.

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How do you multiply decimals by 10s 100s and 1000s?

By shifting the digits 1 the same number of columns as zeros in the multiplier (eg × 100 has 2 zeros, so shift 2 columns) to the left. On paper this is much easier to do by considering the effect on the decimal point, which is to move it the same number of digits as zero in the multiplier to the right. (If you run out of digits, remember that an empty place value column is the same as it containing a zero, so you can then add extra zeros until the decimal point has moved enough places.)

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This number indicates that the diamond weighs 04/100s of a whole carat.

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1000/1000 chances

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How can place values be used to divide by 10s 100s 1000s?

Move the decimal points to the left. The number of places to the left is the number of 0s in the denominator.

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Which expression is equivalent to 15x 11?

15 x 11 (15 times 11) = 165To work this out...There is an easy way of multiplying by 11.Add the digits of your other number (i.e. 15 = 6)Put this in the middle of the number (i.e. put it in the middle of 15, = 165)If the digits added together is a 2 digit number, then you put the units in the middle, and add the 10s to the 100s column.e.g. 69 x 116+9 = 15put the 5 in the middle: 659Add the 1 to the hundred's: 6+1 = 7So the answer is 759

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10 100s are in 10000 dimes 10 100s are in 10000 dimes

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