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0.015 is greater.

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Q: What number is larger .0099 or .015?
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Multiply the number by .015.

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015 = 15

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Since 015 = 15, 015 of 1% = 15 of 1% = 15% or 0.15

What is 015 percent equal too?

015% = 15% is equal to 0.15

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What is .015 as a fraction?

.015 as a fraction is 15/1000. In simplified form it is 3/200.

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2.499 is .0099 bigger

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Greater. The second number after decimal is greater so number is greater.

What number is larger 0.5 or 1.2?

1.2 is the larger number.

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0.5 is the larger number.

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0.19 is the larger number

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0.87 is larger. Look at the number to the left first to determine which number is larger, if they are the same, move right to the next number and keep checking until one number is larger than the other.