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No, that will indicate the percentage the smaller number is of the larger number.

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Q: If I divide a smaller number by a larger number will this indicate the percentage that the larger number is over the smaller number?
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How do you obtain a percentage in difference in 2 numbers?

Subtract smaller from larger, divide answer by larger. (L-S)/L

How many times smaller is 54 than 540?

To find this out, divide the larger number by the smaller number.To find this out, divide the larger number by the smaller number.To find this out, divide the larger number by the smaller number.To find this out, divide the larger number by the smaller number.

If gross pay is 320.00 how do you find out what percentage is taken out if net is 237.23?

You subtract the smaller number from the larger, then divide the result by the larger number and multiply that result by 100.

How do you find the percent increase from one number to another?

-- divide the larger number by the smaller one-- subtract '1' from the answer-- multiply what's left by 100You now have the percentage increase from the smaller number to the larger one.

If the vertices of the smaller square divide each side of the larger square in the ratio of 21 in the figure shown what percentage of the larger square is shaded Express your answer to the nearest who?

The answer depends on whether it is the smaller square that is shaded or the bits that are left. The area of the smaller square is 56% of the larger square.

If you are going from a smaller unit to a larger unit what do you do?


How do you change measures from smaller to larger?

You divide the numbers.

What is the process of changing measures from larger to smaller?


Why do you divide to change a smaller unit to a larger unit?

Because the number of larger units will be less than the number of smaller units, and when you divide the answer is usually smaller than the number you started with.

When you divide a fraction by a whole number is the answer larger or smaller than the fraction?


How do you know the multiples correct?

Divide the larger number by the smaller one. If the answer is an integer, the larger number is a multiple of the smaller.

When you are changing a smaller unit of measurement to a larger unit of measurement do you multiply or divide?


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