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9*8 = 72

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Q: What number is made up by multiplying 9 and 8?
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What number does 8 and 15 all go into?

120 (which can be found by multiplying 15 and 8)

How can you multiply a number by 8?

you can multiply a number by 8 by multiplying your number by 2 and then multiplying by 4. 1*2=2 2*4=8 2*2=4 4*4=16 3*2=6 6*4=24

How do evaluate 8 squared?

Squaring any number means multiplying that number by itself. In this case, 8 squared (in symbols 82) is the same as 8 x 8.

Why is 8 times 8 a square number?

you are multiplying a number by itself. in exponential form, you would see it, 8 with a superscript of a 2. that is said, "8 to the 2nd power" or, "8 squared".

Why is the answer to 8 divided by 0.66 exactly half of the answer to 8 divided by 0.33?

0.66 is exactly double 0.33. Since dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal, dividing by double a number is the same as multiplying by half the number. As a result, the answer is half as large.

When 32 is added to this number the result is the same as the result of multiplying it by 5 what is the number?

The answer is 8. 8+32=40 and 8x5=40 ****** thx. =]

What can you times three times to get 8?

22 x 2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 88 is a cube number = a number made by multiplying the same number by itself three times

What is the answer of -4 multiplied by 2?

OK, SO the answer of -4 multiplied by 2 is -8. This is because -4 + -4 = -8, as multiplying by two is like adding the number you are multiplying to itself. Hope this helps!!

Who made the number 8?

Egyptians made the number 8 back in B.C.

What numbers are divisble by 4?

4, 8, 12, 16, and any other number you can get by multiplying 4 by a whole number.

What is 8 percent of 250 dollars?

Finding 8 percent of a number is the same as multiplying a number by 0.08. In this instance, 0.08 x 250 = 20 dollars.

What is a postive times a negative?

Multiplying a positive number by a negative number gives a negative number. For example, 4 x (-2) = -8.

How can you tell whether the product of a multiplication problem will be odd or even?

You can tell it will be even when the number you are multiplying has a 2 4 6 8. You can tell it will be odd when the number you are multiplying has a 1 3 5 7.

What is the answer to this number sequence 1 2 4 8 16 32 62?

consecutive multiplying by 2.

120 is 15 percent of what number?

To solve this you need to work out how big a number 1 percent of the number would be. So if 120 is 15 % then 1% = 120/15 = 8 Thus if 1 % of the number = 8, you need to make this up to 100% by multiplying by 100. 8*100 = 800 So the number is 800. I hope you can follow this and that you will now be able to work with %.

How can you do squares and square roots?

A number is squared by multiplying it by itself, for example 8 is the square of 64 (8 x 8 = 64). Square roots are found by figuring out which number, when squared, will give the number in question, for example the square root of 64 is 8 (64 / 8 = 8).

What number can be divided by 67 and 8?

As 67 and 8 do not share any common factors - 67 is a prime number - the lowest number that can be divided by both of them is found by multiplying 67 by 8. This results in 536. Any whole number which is a multiple of 536 can also be 67 and 8.

How to solve a whole number minus a fraction?

You can convert a whole number to an equivalent fraction by multiplying it by the denominator of the fraction you're subtracting 5 - 3/8 = 40/8 - 3/8 = 37/8 = 4 and 5/8

What is the product of multiplying by a whole number?

I don't know it exactly, but i think it has 8 letters and the sixth letter is P

What number will make 19 go into 152 by multiplying?

8 8x19=152 This is equivalent to asking "what is 152/19?"

What is two fifth plus one eighth?

Make lower number the same, so 2/5 = 16/40 by multiplying by 8/8 and 1/8 = 5/40 by multiplying by 5/5 then 16/40 + 5/40 = 21/40

How do you convert 6 gallons to pints?

You convert gallons to pints by multiplying the number of gallons by 8. Example: 6 gallons * 8 = 48 pints

What is the lowest prime number made up of 2 composite numbers?

17 = 8 + 9

How many kilometers to the 8 mile?

You can convert distance from miles to kilometers by just multiplying the number of miles with 1.6 . Likewise you can convert kilometers to miles by just multiplying the number of kilometers by 0.62 . So, in this case the answer is 12.87 kilometers.

How many significant figures are needed when multiplying two numbers?

It depends on the number of significant figures from two numbers you are multiplying. But when multiplying you use the same number of significant figures from the numbers you are multiplying with the LEAST number of significant figures. Example: 92,873.239 * 2 = 200,000 (because the number 2 has only 1 significant figure even tho 92,873.239 has 8 significant figures your answer still only has 1 significant figure)