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Let's assume there are 5 total digits, although that would have been handy information to include.

All we can deduce from the available information is 4 of the digits.


There are ten possible digits for the 4th number, leaving 10 possible numbers.

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Q: What number is the 2nd and 5th digits added eqal the 1st digit and the 2nd digit doubled equals the last digit and the last digit is a prime number amd the 3rd digit is four times the value of the las?
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The number is 121/2.

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The no. is 35.

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There is no such number.

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(143 - 21)/2

In a measurementwhich digits isare an approximation?

In a measurement the digits that are an approximation are only those in proper scientific notation. The more digits that are added to the number the more the number becomes exact.

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Answer: 11It's a list of prime numbersQ:.....since when is 9 a prime number?Answer: 17It's not a list of primes, it's not a Fibonacci sequence. The only pattern I see is that the last number in the sequence gets a number added to it to produce the next number in the sequence, the number that's added doubles each time. E.g. 2+1 = 3 (1 is added)3+2 = 5 (1 is doubled = 2, then added)5+4 = 9 (2 is doubled = 4, then added)9+8 = 17 (4 is doubled = 8, then added)

Gilbert was thinking of a number. He doubled it and added 5. What equation shows how to find his original number if the result was 29?


-708 is 708 equals?

Any number added to its negative equals zero.

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A number consists of two digits whose sum is 8 if 18 is added to the number its digits are reversed find the number do this question by taking one and two variables?

35 + 18 = 53

How many significant figures are ther in 1.10030?

The number of significant figures in a number is equal to the number of digits to the left of the decimal point up to the first leading zero. It is then added to the number of total digits to the right of the decimal point. In this case, there are six significant digits.

What is the name of the number that when added to another equals 1?

There is a complement that when added equals one but you may be thinking of multiplying. A number times its reciprocal (multiplicative inverse) is equal to one. A number added to its additive inverse (opposite) is equal to zero.