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A natural number is doubled when added to its reciprocal. Find that number!

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The original number is 1.

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Q: What is the answer if a natural number is doubled when added to its reciprocal?
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If three times a number is added to twice the reciprocal of that number the answer is 5 find the number?


What is reciprocal of the added reciprocals?

the reciprocal is a factor by which you multiply a given number so that their product is 1. ex. 3/5 is the reciprocal of of 5/3.

When a number is doubled and then added to 13 the result is 38 find the number?

The number is 121/2.

What number can be doubled then added to ten comes up with 58?


what number is added to a natural number to get its successor?

One is added.

What are the numbers if the number added to 8 times the numbers reciprocal is 6?

2 and 4

If 7 is added to a number and the sum is doubled then the result is -1 less than the number find the number?


Hanry thought of a number Then he doubled it and then added 21 and his answer was 143 What was the number Henry thought of?

(143 - 21)/2

What number comes next 2 3 5 9?

Answer: 11It's a list of prime numbersQ:.....since when is 9 a prime number?Answer: 17It's not a list of primes, it's not a Fibonacci sequence. The only pattern I see is that the last number in the sequence gets a number added to it to produce the next number in the sequence, the number that's added doubles each time. E.g. 2+1 = 3 (1 is added)3+2 = 5 (1 is doubled = 2, then added)5+4 = 9 (2 is doubled = 4, then added)9+8 = 17 (4 is doubled = 8, then added)

Gilbert was thinking of a number. He doubled it and added 5. What equation shows how to find his original number if the result was 29?


What does 2x plus 7 equals 13 mean?

What number when doubled has seven added and gives 13?

What is the name of the number that when added to another equals 1?

There is a complement that when added equals one but you may be thinking of multiplying. A number times its reciprocal (multiplicative inverse) is equal to one. A number added to its additive inverse (opposite) is equal to zero.

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